Smart 3D print solution for libraries, makerspaces and more

Keep your 3D printers running easily, with minimal maintenance and high print success, with SimplyPrint's ecosystem.
For libraries, makerspaces and leisure clubs

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Make 3D printing a breeze

Get started quickly

Made for everyone

No hassle - just print

  • No 3D printing knowledge needed
  • Easy for everyone - both for members and librarians
  • Everything in one place - no need for external software
  • Less need for maintenance
Teacher shows pupil 3D print
Pupils looking at 3D print

Let the newcomers grow - without worry

The members can immerse themselves in 3D printing and design, without the need for supervision, as SimplyPrint keeps them from making mistakes.

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We handle all the trouble

SimplyPrint is easy to go to, and holds your hand all the way from 3D model, to finished print. The users can therefore start when they are ready - without a teacher having to look over their shoulder.

  • Automatic analyses of all models when uploaded
  • Simple workflow, which ensures that everyone ends up with a finished print
  • Security features built into platform that minimizes errors
  • Minimize printer maintenance, as there is no need to interact directly with them

Get everything you need in one place

We make sure that you get all the equipment you need, at the best price.

If you do not have any printers, we will advise you which ones to buy and where to get them.

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Keep an eye on ongoing printing and get notified

When a print is started, It will be possible to easily monitor the print wherever they are in the world. This allows students to follow how their print is progressing, even after they have gone home.

Should something go wrong in the print, they also have the option to stop their own print earlier in the process, so there is less wasted plastic and time.

In addition, you can receive SMSs, emails or app notifications when your print is finished, if it has been stopped, if it fails or is paused.

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Every printer busy? No problem!

SimplyPrint has a built-in queuing system, where students can put their prints in a queue, and it is then started when a printer is available.

What schools say about us

In addition, we have Trustpilot star only 5 star reviews on Trustpilot!

All our features

Here you can see all the specific features that you get, with the SimplyPrint system for schools.

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