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The team

Employee Albert Møller Nielsen

Albert Møller Nielsen

Founder & CEO [email protected]
Employee Daniel Norhøj

Daniel Norhøj

DevOps & Cybersecurity [email protected]
Employee Javad Asgari

Javad Asgari

Software engineer [email protected]
Employee Majd Dalloul

Majd Dalloul

App developer
Employee Jim Neill

Jim Neill

Software engineer
Employee Stewart Allen

Stewart Allen

Slicer engineer
Employee Martin Pham

Martin Pham

Design & UI
Employee Nils-Erik


Hardware & slicer optimizing
Employee Dasha


Marketing content creator

About our company

SimplyPrint was founded in January 2020, but the idea for SimplyPrint, as well as the first functional version, dates back to our time as students in 2017.
We kept bumping into the same problem; no one knew how to use the school's four 3D printers - there was simply too much to get acquainted with, too many different programs, the fumble with SD cards - it was all just too cumbersome.
We tried a million different things, like OctoPrint for each printer, existing cloud solutions for management of multiple printers, but nothing seemed to solve the underlying issue; 3D printers weren't simple to use and it was too easy to mess up.

So, in 2017 we started, for fun, to code an interface that let the students and teachers easily start prints, and it was a big success; the 3D printers suddenly didn't just gather dust anymore, and everyone had the time and ability to use them. With the local in-school success of the software, we shared some pictures of it in a Facebook group for 3D printing, an suddenly a hunred people were interested in getting it for their own printer(s).

This prompted us to keep developing what today has turned into SimplyPrint, with one goal in mind; make 3D printing as easy and smart as it should be.