Frequently asked questions

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about SimplyPrint

FAQ item How is it different than OctoPrint?

OctoPrint is an awesome project that SimplyPrint relies on to work, but it serves a much different purpose than SimplyPrint. SimplyPrint adds a new level to OctoPrint; instead of only being able to print from home, you can print and monitor your prints wherever you are when you use SimplyPrint. We have a whole page that explains this in much more details right here.

What is required to run it?

All it requires is a Raspberry Pi (3, 3B or 4B) pr. 3D printer you want connected, which is a little computer that makes your printer smart! Without it, your printer can't be connected to the internet, and therefore not be controlled from any other device.
We do not officially support Raspberry Pi Zero W, as it doesn't have enough power, which often results in poor print quality. Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W works very well with SimplyPrint.

FAQ item Which printers does it support?

It's easier to list the printers we don't support! Almost every printer is supported. You can see all supported printers at our compatibility list. SimplyPrint works for most cartesian, delta and belt printers. Generally, all printers that has a plug where you can put a USB cable in, it probably means it works with SimplyPrint / OctoPrint.

How secure is it?

Security is very important to us, and we do all we can to keep you and your printer safe on our platform. All your, and your printer's, information is encrypted, and stored in a secure database. It's possible to protect your account by using 2-factor authentication, so you can help keeping your account extra secure.

What if my printer loses internet?

When you print through SimplyPrint, the file you're printing is sent to your printer before the print is started, so the entire file exists locally on your Raspberry Pi. This means, even if you lose internet, your print will keep going.

Can I use other slicers?

Yes! We don't force anyone to use our in-browser slicer. You're free to use any slicer you want, and that's how it is with our entire system. You don't have to use all features. E.g. you can print with SD card or OctoPrint, and still follow your print through SimplyPrint.

It's super easy to get started with SimplyPrint! If you have the required Raspberry Pi, it only takes 5-10 minutes to set it all up. Go to the signup guide to get started!

If your printer is not on the compatibility list, that does not mean you cannot use the platform. You can select 'Any generic printer' when you create your account and enter your printer's details yourself.

There are several reasons why your printer will not connect to your Raspberry Pi. Make sure the cable you are using is designed to transmit data and make sure the printer has power. If that doesn't work, you can find a complete guide right here!

The live stream is a stream of photos your Raspberry Pi takes of your print. When your printer takes a picture, it is sent securely to our server which forwards the picture to you. As soon as you have finished using the image, it will be deleted from the server.

Resin printers are generally not built with the ability to connect an external control device such as a Raspberry Pi. The only way to communicate with the printers is usually through a USB drive

Got any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact us through our live chat or at [email protected] - we reply within 24 hours.