SimplyPrint Legal Documents

SimplyPrint Trademark Usage Guidelines

Effective Date: 2024-07-10

Welcome to the SimplyPrint Trademark Usage Guidelines. These guidelines are designed to ensure proper and consistent use of our trademarks, including our name and logo. By following these rules, you help us protect our valuable brand assets.

1. Introduction

SimplyPrint (registered as "SimplyPrint" in the EU) provides 3D printing management software through our website, Our trademarks include the SimplyPrint name and logo.

2. Trademarks

3. General Rules

4. Proper Usage

SimplyPrint Name

SimplyPrint Logo

5. Prohibited Uses

6. Logo Guidelines

7. Use in Commercial Products

8. Use in Educational or Journalistic Content

9. Unfair Use

“Unfair use” of the brand is defined as use which seeks to imply that the product or service in question has some kind of relationship to SimplyPrint. This includes but is not limited to:

10. Legal Action

SimplyPrint reserves the right to take legal action to prevent unauthorized use of the brand.



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