SimplyPrint vs. OctoPrint

What's the difference between SimplyPrint and OctoPrint? See the comparison here.

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What we do differently; remote control (& much more)

SimplyPrint is in the cloud. One of the main differences is, that OctoPrint, by default, can only be accessed when you're home on the same network as your printer. SimplyPrint makes sure you can always access your printer, its camera (if it has one), start, stop and pause prints - no matter where you are.

SimplyPrint is available on your computer, tablet, Android and iOS phone.

SimplyPrint-specific features

In addition, SimplyPrint has some unique features like;

  • SMS, email & app notifications about your print
  • Print statistics
  • Smart filament change assistant
  • Bed Level assistant
  • Print queue
  • Cloud file system - access your files everywhere
  • Built in slicer that can be used on any device with smart features, such as 'smart rotate'
  • and much more ...
SimplyPrint design showcase
SimplyPrint design showcase

We keep it simple

We think a user friendly interface, but at no cost in functionality, is important. SimplyPrint makes sure you get more features that you can access from more places, simpler than ever before.

We OctoPrint

SimplyPrint would not exist without OctoPrint, and the amazing work Gina Häußge does, and has been doing since 2012.

OctoPrint is 'open source', meaning the entire project is available for free on the internet, and the project is funded purely by donations from its users. Show Gina some love by donating to the project, or by buying merchandise here.