Making 3D printing easy for schools

SimplyPrint takes all the hassle out of 3D printing; you no longer need to be an expert; here it's easy for everyone to get started.

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Teacher at NEXT Copenhagen
SimplyPrint elevated 3D printing at our school from hobby facility to learning environment

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A complete solution for 3D print

SimplyPrint brings all the things you need for 3D printing into one place; no downloads required, it's all in the cloud, easy to use.







Easy for everyone - students and teachers

Neither you nor your students need to be experts in 3D printing to get started - the process through SimplyPrint is easy for everyone, of all ages.


Find or design model

Slice with inbuilt slicer

Press "Start"


Get notified when print finishes


Anyone can 3D print - on any device

Nothing needs to be downloaded, and SimplyPrint can be used on all devices - including Chromebooks.

The platform makes it easy for everyone to print, without the spirit of 3D print disappearing.

Leave the 3D print education to us

As a teacher, you get all the material you need, and even if you know nothing about 3D printing, the platform helps you get started in 5 minutes - 3D printing should not take up too much of your time.

Students can either get started without introduction, where the platform guides the individual student through each process they reach, in the intuitive system, or they can be introduced to 3D printing with our pre-made built-in courses - with all the material for teaching included.



Get more motivated students

SimplyPrint takes all the tedious parts, and all the hassle, out of 3D printing. Our system is designed to be inutitive and the student can quickly navigate around. Courses and courses are designed to not be long, tedious explanations, page after page, but small multiple-choice quizzes, with Kahoot and a sense of progression.

Get SimplyPrint for your school

We help with every step

  • Guidance for buying 3D printers
  • Setting up & repairing 3D printers,setting up SimplyPrint

Trusted by teachers and students alike


4.7 score from Trustpilot

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And that was just the beginning

Designed for ease of use, elegance and a better 3D printing experience

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Easily and safely start prints

Let the students start their print on their own and concentrate on teaching

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Print queue

The queueing system lets the students put their prints in a queue, that can then be started whenever a printer is available

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Files in the cloud

Store all 3D print related files in the SimplyPrint cloud. Use and share files with teachers, students or classes

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Hub solution

The Hub can be enabled to make all students print from the same computer. This makes 3D printing a lot easier to manage

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Filament change assistant

Have your printer heat up and pull out the filament for you while you find and prepare the next spool

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Print monitoring

The students will be able to follow their print progress from their phone or computer, wherever they are

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Built in slicer

No external software needed; slicing made easy and smart, running in the user's browser, making it usable on all devices; even Chromebooks

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Filament management

Easily keep track of all your spools of filament, complete with usage tracking on all your spools so that you never run out of filament before the print is done

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User groups & permissions

Limit access and features from student to student, or for a group of students

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Bed Leveling Assistant

Easily dial in the leveling on your printer with the bed leveling assistant

Get notified when the print finishes, or if it's cancelled

No more endless checking up on the printer to see if your print is done - SimplyPrint notifies the person who started the print when it finishes, or if someone cancelled it.

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Frequently asked questions

By far most 3D printers work with SimplyPrint. The general rule of thumb is; if your printer works with OctoPrint / has a way to plug in a USB cable, it'll work with SimplyPrint.

Check out the compatibility list to see if your printer(s) are on the list of known supported printers. If your printer isn't on the list; fear not, we might just not know about it.
At SimplyPrint, we take the security and handling of our users' information very seriously. The only information we handle on students is their name and school email - all stored in a secure database. We are fully GDPR compliant - you can read more about this here . In addition, we offer, and facilitate, a data processor agreement between us and you.

We are committed to transparency and only collect the information on our users that is necessary for the site to work.
SimplyPrint should be able to be set up everywhere; it must either use a WiFi connection, to a non-enterprise network (eg WPA2, preferably with a password), or just have wired connection.

As long as we are allowed a local machine (eg Raspberry Pi) to send web requests to our domain,, it will work. The local machines connect to our servers, in exactly the same way as you do when you access Google or other websites - via port 443 (SSL)

The team

Co-founder Albert Møller Nielsen picture

Møller Nielsen

CEO | Developer

+45 49 40 96 63
[email protected]
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COO | Operations & clients

+45 49 40 87 77
[email protected]
Majd Dalloul

Majd Dalloul

App developer

[email protected]
Daniel Norhøj

Daniel Norhøj

DevOps & Cybersecurity

[email protected]
Jim Neill

Jim Neill

Software engineer

[email protected]
Stewart Allen

Stewart Allen

Slicer developer

[email protected]

Khadejha Al-body


[email protected]

About our company

SimplyPrint was founded in January 2020, but the idea for SimplyPrint, as well as the first functional version, dates back to our time as students in 2017.
We kept bumping into the same problem; no one knew how to use the school's four 3D printers - there was simply too much to get acquainted with, too many different programs, the fumble with SD cards - it was all just too cumbersome.
We tried a million different things, like OctoPrint for each printer, existing cloud solutions for management of multiple printers, but nothing seemed to solve the underlying issue; 3D printers weren't simple to use and it was too easy to mess up.

So, in 2017 we started, for fun, to code an interface that let the students and teachers easily start prints, and it was a big success; the 3D printers suddenly didn't just gather dust anymore, and everyone had the time and ability to use them. With the local in-school success of the software, we shared some pictures of it in a Facebook group for 3D printing, an suddenly a hunred people were interested in getting it for their own printer(s).

This prompted us to keep developing what today has turned into SimplyPrint, with one goal in mind; make 3D printing as easy and smart as it should be.