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Smart Filament Changer: one-click eject & load

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We know your printer & filament

SimplyPrint knows your printer and the material currently assigned to it, so we can set the right temperatures for you and automatically remove the old filament and insert the new one, based on the newly selected spool or material information.


1. Auto eject

The old filament will be ejected for you based on the temperatures of your current material

2. Choose new spool or material

Pick the new material you wish to load - new unique spool or static material data

3. Auto load

Auto load the new filament based on the new material data

Frequently asked questions

We utilize your firmware's capabilities. If your printer supports auto-ejection, we will use it. Otherwise, we will use our own custom method.
Of course! We will never stop you from doing things the way you'd like to do them.