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Keep an eye on your printer's performance by using statistics

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Monitor how your printer(s) are doing over time

The statistics interface will enable you to see the trends of your printer or printers both as a whole and as an individual printer. These statistics include; the number of print jobs, success rate, filament used, and much more.

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Useful data that will help you better understand your printers

By default, you get the overall stats from all printers in the top section of the statistics page. All these stats shown here are 'of all time', meaning 'from your account was created'. Choose a specific printer to see the stats for just that one printer, or choose a start and end date to get stats from a specific period.

The quick overview

Instantly see the performance over the past 7 days in a graph that shows print jobs completed, failed, canceled, and more.

You can hover over the dates to see the specific stats for that day as well as filter the data to single out, for example, completed print jobs.

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Frequently asked questions

For enterprise users that can have multiple users in the same panel, there is also the option to filter for one specific user as well as multiple. This can give a better idea of who has the most success with their prints and who might need some training.
Not yet - The plan is to let you download a report from a specific time period, with a lot more data to put your stats into perspective. We think it would be cool to see a visual representation of how much filament you have used by for example comparing it to the distance to the moon.
The data is never deleted unless you delete your account. You will have full access to all your printer data for as long as you want.