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Files: at the center of the 3D printer ecosystem

SimplyPrint is all about providing a 3D printer ecosystem, with all the tools you need - and your 3D and Gcode files are a central part of that. With SimplyPrint, you can upload your files to the cloud, and access, slice and print them anywere.

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Your files can be used in many different ways; send & start the file on a printer, slice it, Gcode preview it or add it to the print queue.

If you use the SimplyPrint slicer, we'll automatically know the slicing settings, and be able to show the layer height, print temperatures, support information etc., and if you don't use our slicer, we still have a bunch of information about the file, such as the size, estimated print time, filament usage etc.

File thumbnails & preview

File information & Gcode analysis

Shared files & folders

Tag files & assign to printer(s)