Simple and easy-to-use 3D printer management view for schools & farms

The 3D Printer Hub

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Making it easy to share your printers

The SimplyPrint 3D Printer Hub is designed to be perfect for schools and print farms, that want one central computer to be able to manage all their printers - allowing multiple people to interact with them, still with their own logins. It's easy to use, is stripped of the distractions and management choices that the Panel offers.

Lock to IP or specific computers

The Hub allows you to lock access to specific computers, or IP addresses, so that only those computers can access the Hub. This is useful for schools, where you want to limit access to the Hub to only the computers in the school, or for print farms, where you want to limit access to only the computers in the farm.

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First login type: temporary login

Require log in before actions, and log out after a period of inactivity

Second login type: permanent login

Normal login, with a remember me option