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The slicer makes 3D printing a breeze

SimplyPrint has an in-built slicer that knows your printer and material. This makes for a slicing experience like no other. Everything is set up for you when you open it and it will stay that way till you come back.

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Settings as you are used to

The SimplyPrint slicer is a versatile tool that can handle even the biggest projects. There are all the common settings and more that can be finetuned for the best printing quality.

Unlike most other sliceren, this one knows the printer you are using as well as the material mounted to it. This means that temperatures, printspeeds and retraction is set depending on the material and the printer.

Every setting is synced in the cloud

Never have that perfect slicer profile disappear on you again. They are all tied to your SimplyPrint profile and will follow you anywhere and on any device. This means that you will get the same slicing experience anytime you are slicing models for your printer.

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Different modes for different levels

SimplyPrint has 3 different slicer setting modes:

1. Easy, is just 3 buttons that set different parameters to match the 3 options; Pretty, Fast and Strong.

2. Simple, gives basic control over the common settings like layer height, infill, and support.

3. Advanced, lets you browse all the settings the slicer has. These are divided up into easy-to-understand categories.

Auto rotate models

Using a smart algorithm, SimplyPrint can rotate your model to optimize adhesion and waste materiel

Import from the cloud storage

You can import models from your own computer or from your personal storage inside SimplyPrint

Sliced model preview

Check out the 3D preview of your model before sending it to the printer


Send directly to the printer

When you are happy with your model you can start the sliced file on your printer directly from the slicer

Add sliced model to print queue

If you are slicing models for starting in the future you can add them to the queue and start them later

Start print on multiple printers

SimplyPrint will make sure that it is safe to start the same print on multiple printers at once.

Frequently asked questions

Yes the slicer works just fine on the phone. The interface is hidden away a little bit because of the smaller screen but all the settings and features are there.
Yes - The slicer supports .STL, .3MF and .OBJ files. If you use 3MF file the slicer will treat all independent bodies as such and you will be able to move, rotate, delete etc. each one separately.
You might be able to - If you are using Cura or Simplify3D you can export your profiles and import them directly to SimplyPrint. Just go to the slicer, click “Profile” > “Import profile” and follow instructions for how to export your profiles from Cura and/or Simplify3D.