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Feature image
Feature image

Automatic printer match

Based on an analysis of the individual print queue items, the system only matches a print job to a printer if it is suitable for the printer, in terms of max print size and temperatures

By assigning tags, such as required nozzle size, material type (PLA, PETG, etc.), and possibly color as well as custom tags, the printer must match these tags to be deemed suitable for the job.

This way, we ensure that no printers are assigned a print job that doesn't fit the bed, has too high temperatures for the assigned material or for the printer hardware itself.

One-click start the next queue item on all available printers

With just one click, you can start the next queued job on all your online- and available 3D printers, thanks to the matching system!

This means, no more starting each individual printer manually!

Feature image
Feature image

Let your team or students queue up their 3D prints

The queue may serve as a print backlog for your team or students, where they can queue up their 3D prints, and you can start them when you and the printers are available

Simply only give the other users permission to add items to the queue, but not print them!