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The Filament Manager: track filament usage, inventory, cost & more

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Each spool its own

Each spool has its own unique "digital twin", which means if you buy 10 blue PLA spools, you create all 10 in the Filament Manager (at the same time - takes 30 seconds), and we'll keep track of each individual one for you!

What we keep track of;

  • How much is left on the individual spool
  • Price, so we can tell you how much a print costs
  • When the spool is from, so we can alert you if you're printing with too old filament

What you no longer have to worry about - we've got it;
  • How much is left on the spool
  • Filament brands & spool-presets
  • Density of material; for gram calculation
  • Print temperatures & slicer settings

Usage tracking

By using the knowledge we have about your print, from our Gcode Analysis of the file, we know exactly how much material is used by each individual print, and thereby how much material should be deducted from the spool that is in use!

We do the calculations for you - converting "meters used" to the more user-friendly gram or kg weight, by knowing everything about your filament; material type, density and width.

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A part of the ecosystem: temperature & slicer settings

Material data is a central part of the SimplyPrint ecosystem. When assigning a spool, or static material data, to a printer, your printer will inherit the temperature & slicer settings of that specific spool or material, which is carried through the entire platform; when preheating, changing filament, bed leveling & the slicer.

Frequently asked questions

No - you're free not to use the filament manager, and simply assign static material data to a printer - or no material data at all! At SimplyPrint we never want to force a workflow on you, but rather give you the tools to make your workflow as efficient as possible.