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Start prints from anywhere in the world

SimplyPrint allows you to start those prints that you just need to be done sooner rather than later. You can send print jobs to your printer from anywhere in the world

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Step by step starting process

The fluid and intuitive interface will take you where you want to go. If you choose to move forward with a Gcode file, your print will be sent directly to your printer. If you choose an STL, 3MF, or OBJ file you will be taken to the slicer where you can prepare your model.

Send directly to printer or start slicing

Never have that perfect slicer profile disappear on you again. All your slicer profiles are tied to your SimplyPrint profile, and will follow you anywhere, on any device. This means that you will get the same slicing experience wherever you are slicing models for your printer.

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Notifications wherever you go

The step before the print will start is to choose what kind of notification you want. Notifications are sent whenever something happens with your print. That would be if it's canceled, paused, failed or it finishes. Here you can choose between an email, SMS, phone notification, or no notification You can customize under which conditions you want to be notified under the user settings.

Frequently asked questions

No - the file that is printing is stored locally on the Raspberry Pi. The printer will be offline in the SimplyPrint panel and you won't be able to follow the progress remotely, but the print will keep going till the end.
Yes - The analysis is made to read all gcode files and will even tell you which slicer was used to slice the file you upload.
It depends - As of now you can only get notifications out to multiple people by using the app and being logged in to your account on all devices you want to get the notifications on. It will be possible to put in multiple email addresses and phone numbers when choosing the means of notification in the future.