Keep printing with the JobOx automatic plate-switching system - fully supported in SimplyPrint

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Aug 1, 2023

Hardware developer


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SimplyPrint is not endorsed by or affiliated with JobOx. We use trademarks and images only to indicate compatibility with our platform. Use of JobOx hardware with SimplyPrint may not be as intended by JobOx. All rights belong to respective owners.

Put your print farm on autopilot with JobOx and SimplyPrint

The JobOx is a mod for the Prusa MK3S(+), Mini(+) and MK4 printer, that seamlessly swap out one print plate for another when a print is finished, allowing the printer to keep going until it's out of things to print!

Using JobOx with the AutoPrint SimplyPrint feature, you can keep your printer running 24/7, without having to manually start prints or remove finished prints from the printer.

Using the SimplyPrint Print Queue with smart tagging system, Gcode analysis and material information, we match the right queue items with the right printer(s), allowing you to not have to worry about starting prints - ever

  • Integrated in the AutoPrint feature of SimplyPrint. Learn more here; AutoPrint feature details page
  • Swap out print plates automatically with the JobOx mod
  • Use the SimplyPrint print queue to automatically start prints when the printer is ready

About SimplyPrint integrations

Integration for SimplyPrint allows for applications to interact with your 3D printers, and your 3D printers to interact with other applications. This allows for endless possibilities, and we strongly believe that your 3D printer should be able to function as an IOT device, working together with any and all applications you can imagine!

This is why the team behind SimplyPrint work to provide official integrations for the most popular platforms, slicer and applications, while also allowing our users to create custom integrations using our API, or for approved third party vendors to create integrations to be used by all SimplyPrint users, using a "Log in with SimplyPrint" method (using the "OAuth2" method).

If you're a developer interested in creating an integration for SimplyPrint, please read our documentation on the subject.

If you're not a developer yourself, but would like to see an integration for a specific application, go check if it's already on our roadmap or suggestion list, and if not, feel free to suggest it!