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Tired of SD cards and only being able to start & monitor prints when you're home? SimplyPrint has got you covered, whether you've got one, or multiple printers!

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Everything in one place!

SimplyPrint brings all your favorite functions and features to one single control panel. You can safely store your 3D printing files and access them from anywhere. Slice your STL files right from the panel and print them out no matter where you are.

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Print from anywhere

Print on any of your printers from any device you want. Follow your print's progress live and get notified when it's ready!

Slice on any device

Spend less time messing with settings when slicing - slice your files from the panel and send it directly to your printer - wirelessly

Access everywhere

Store all your 3D printing files and access them from anywhere. Slice and print the same files multiple times!

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Get started with SimplyPrint

It only takes a few minutes to get started. The only thing required is a Raspberry Pi for your printer and an internet connection.

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Start, stop, pause print
Start, stop, pause & print online

Everything you can normally do - and more - you can now do from any device

Keep track of your filament

Keep track of how much filament you have & use with our filament tracking system

Easy setup

We've made it super easy for you to add your printers to our platform - no matter skill level, it only takes 10 minutes!

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Avoid stupid mistakes

Automatic analysis of your print before you start it, to make sure everything's OK

Smart Bed Leveling & Filament Changer

Our Automatic Filament Changer and Bed Leveling helper makes everyday life with 3D printers much easier

Pictures, video & timelapse

Have your printer send pictures of your print, or a timelapse of the entire print - completely automated (timelapse coming soon)

Subscription plans

Want SimplyPrint for your school or makerspace? See the package for you, here.



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1 GB

3D print online anywhere

1 frame /10s livestream


Low priority, 10-15 CET (weekdays)

Filament management system

Print job overview

Bed Level assistant

Manual filament change assistant

Built in online slicer

Full printer control

GCODE analysis

Hobby features

Advanced features



a month

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3 printers

GB space

2 GB

All features from "Basic"

1 frame /5s livestream


Medium priority, 10-18 CET

Livestream in overview

Smarthome integrations (coming soon)

Filament change assistant

Smart rotation

SMS notifications

Branding free

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Automatic timelapse (coming soon)

Advanced features

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5+ printers

+ $2/extra printer/md

GB space

5+ GB

+ $0.3/extra GB/md

All features from "Hobby"

Better arrows 1 FPS livestream


High priority, 10-20 CET


Print queue


Smart print price calculator (coming soon)

Multislice (coming soon)

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The team
Co-founder Albert Møller Nielsen picture

Møller Nielsen

CEO | System- and web developer

Albert ensures that the system runs smoothly, both in front and behind the scenes.

Co-founder Carl Emil Hoeck picture

Carl Emil

CPO | 3D printing expert

Carl Emil is what you would call a handyman with 3D printers. He has been working with printers on a daily basis since 2015.

Co-founder Mathias Labori Olsen picture

Labori Olsen

CTO | App developer

Mathias has been through quite a lot to make our app as good as it is. He is always in a great mood and gets the wildest ideas.

CMO Christoffer Astrupgaard picture

Christoffer Astrupgaard

CMO | Sales & marketing

Christoffer makes sure more people learn about SimplyPrint every day, and makes sure no questions go unanswered.