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How does SimplyPrint compare with Obico? What's the best 3D printing cloud platform? Discover why SimplyPrint might be what you and your printer never knew you were missing!

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Looking for Obico alternatives?

Obico - previously called "TheSpaghettiDetective" - has been doing a great job of watching over the printers of hobbyists for a while now.

Started as an open-source hobby project, focused on detecting print failures, Obico now a full time job for the creator, Kenneth, and we have a lot of respect for what he has built!

At first Obico might seem like it covers all your 3D printing needs, but we started SimplyPrint, because it didn't cover ours.
If you're looking for an alternative to Obico, here are some reasons why you should consider SimplyPrint.

Scroll down to see a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of Obico and SimplyPrint.

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Why SimplyPrint? Reason #1

More than just '3D print online'

SimplyPrint goes beyond being just another online printing platform. We strive to create a complete ecosystem for managing and enhancing your 3D printing experience.
  • Printer management and control
  • File storage and organization
  • Filament tracking and inventory
  • Integrated slicer for print preparation
  • Remote monitoring and access
  • Multi-user support for print farms, companies, and institutions
Embrace SimplyPrint for a comprehensive solution that caters to all aspects of your 3D printing needs.
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Reason 2 image

Why SimplyPrint? Reason #2

Get more out of your printers; Filament Management System & more

SimplyPrint features an innovative filament management system that allows you to keep track of each individual spool of filament.

  • Monitor the amount of filament remaining on each spool digitally
  • Receive warnings before starting a print if there's insufficient filament
  • Maintain a clear overview of your filament stock

By offering these capabilities, SimplyPrint ensures that you stay informed about your filament usage and avoid potential issues before even starting a print.

Obico and SimplyPrint comparison

Nothing is black-and-white, and there are always pros and cons to consider when choosing a 3D printing cloud solution!
And we're not here to simply tell you, that SimplyPrint is the best - we want you to make an informed decision, and of course there are pros of using Obico as well!

Pros of using Obico

Obico has its advantages - depending on your needs. Especially their "AI camera failure detection", "tunnel" to OctoPrint, as well as the possibility to run their software on their own server.

  • AI error detection
  • Tunnel to OctoPrint
  • Self-hosted option

So, if you're a Linux-nerd and want to host the software yourself, that's definitely an advantage that Obico has over SimplyPrint, as well as their AI detection - which they were one of the first on the market to implement!

With these points, Obico has something that SimplyPrint does not currently offer - but as described in the "Cons" section, Obico's strengths may also be some of their weaknesses.

Cons of using Obico

Features such as a "tunnel" so you can access your OctoPrint instance wherever you are, the dependency on OctoPrint is something that SimplyPrint is trying to eliminate - we'd rather focus on adding the functionality needed in our own platform.

And when it comes to new features in the platform, Obico is not quite as far ahead as SimplyPrint, and most often functionality in Obico comes a long time after we have added it in SimplyPrint (Print history, statistics, Gcode analysis, etc.) - we think it's cool that more platforms get some of the same functions that SimplyPrint has, as it promotes innovation to have a little healthy competition in the market! But if SimplyPrint has it first, we see no reason to wait for Obico to implement it a bit later 😉

  • Only 1 printer on the free plan (SimplyPrint offers 2)
  • Less user-friendly platform
  • Lack of features
  • Usage-based costing of AI
  • Heavily dependent on OctoPrint
  • Less user-friendly platform
  • Most often get new features after SimplyPrint
  • Limited "tunnel" access
  • Not EU-GDPR-friendly (data stored in the US, no cookie banners or privacy settings)

Obico vs. SimplyPrint

Side-by-side list comparison of details and features in Obico and SimplyPrint

Obico logo SimplyPrint logo
Has free plan
Max cost $6+ $34.99+
Free cloud storage 1GB 1GB
Usage based cost
Unlimited printing
Remote access
Filament management
Knows your printer
Cloud files
Print queue
Gcode analysis
Print job history
Print remotely
Built-in slicer
Multi-printer friendly
AutoPrint / continuous printing
Slicer smart-rotation
Smart filament change
Bed level helper
A.I failure detection
Self-hosting option
OctoPrint / Mainsail / Fluidd tunnel
Multiple users
User groups / ranks
User permissions
School plan
Shared files & folders
Shared slicer profiles
Custom domains
SSO (single sign-on)
Email notifications
Push (mobile / app) notifications
SMS / text message notifications
Android app
iOS app
"PWA" (installable web-application)
Security & privacy
Account 2-factor authentication
EU servers
Privacy-minded analytics & data-gathering
Live-chat support
Phone support
Email support
Firmware & gateway support
OctoPrint install
Native Moonraker support
Mainsail install
Fluidd install
Klipper support
Direct Prusa support (MK4, XL and up / new main boards) Coming soon (closed beta)
Direct Bambu Lab printer integration Coming soon (closed beta)
Support for custom integrations
Enterprise & partners
Partner program (reseller / distributor)
Affiliate program
Compare See pricing See pricing

Contact us if you think we made a mistake in our comparison!

Why SimplyPrint is the Top Obico Alternative

We made SimplyPrint due to the fact, that nothing else on the market quite fit our needs. We wanted a platform that was easy to use, but still had all the features we needed. We wanted a feature-rich platform, intuitive and easy to use, with a great user experience and actual innovation within the 3D print management software space.

In summary, we - humble and unbiased as we are 😉 - believe that the SimplyPrint platform is a great Obico alternative!

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