Security update! 2-factor authentication & more

Albert Møller Nielsen
11/06 2021
4 min. read

You might've noticed that you've had to log in again on all of your devices; our apologies, but it was the final step in our big security update. Now, this update of course doesn't mean that SimplyPrint wasn't safe before; we take, and always have taken, your security and personal info very seriously - this update just helps you help us keep you even more safe!

What's new?

  • 2-factor authentication (2FA)!
    It's now possible to use apps like Google Authenticator and Authy to keep track of a constantly-changing code, that has to be used to log in to your account.
    This allows you to keep your account even safer than it was before, as now, even if someone has your email and password, they'll need your phone too. Enable it here.
  • List of devices logged in to your account
    Under the same "Security settings" tab as where you enable 2-factor authentication, you can now see a list of all the devices your account has been logged in to; what device type it is (Windows, Mac, Android etc.), country and city, IP address, first use and last use.
    This gives you a quick overview of where your account is used, and makes it easy to spot if something's wrong.
  • Notifications on login from new IP address
    SimplyPrint now sends you an email when your account has been accessed from a location it hasn't been accessed before, making you instantly aware if something's wrong.
    Whether you want email & app notification, just an email, just an app notification, or don't want any notifications at all, can be chosen under the "Security settings".
  • Google reCAPTCHA; bot detection
    You probably know Google reCAPTCHA, maybe not by name, but chances are you've been on a site that uses it before. Having implemented Google reCAPTCHA, it's now even harder for anyone to try and brute-force their way into your account - and don't worry, it comes at no expense to the user-friendlyness of our login page; you won't ever be asked to "click the street lights" or "click on images containing a bus" - it's the non-annoying version of reCAPTCHA, that just silently helps to keep you safe.

  • a few dozen behind-the-scenes updates
  • 2-factor authentication support for our iOS and Android app will be released later today or over the coming few days; the app should still be usable if you've enabled 2FA, just won't ask you for a code yet

How can I make my account safer?
At the SimplyPrint office, we do all we can to keep your account safe, but often the weakest link is sadly the individual user's login info; your email and password combination. To make sure you have an account that is as safe as possible, check out the following guidelines;

  • Have a secure email account
    Your email is the easiest way in to pretty much any account you have on the internet; use a unique and safe password for your email, preferably with at least 8 characters, at least one special character, number and capital letter.
  • Use 2-factor authentication whenever possible
    And now that it's possible on SimplyPrint; enable it! This makes it almost entirely impossible to enter your account, unless the person entering is you 😉
  • Use a good password for your SimplyPrint account

We know handling your printers is a big responsibility, and it's a responsibility we don't take lightly. Thanks for trusting us with your printer(s) - we won't let you down!

Let us know what you think of this update, if you experience any issues or have ideas for improvements.

If you made it all the way down to this text; thanks for reading 😉 And stay tuned for a huge update coming next week to our slicer!

Happy printing!
- the SimplyPrint team

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