Multi-print, cancel, pause, resume & clear bed, and more!

Albert Møller Nielsen
01/05 2021
1 min. read

BIG new features!
This is an update for those of you with multiple printers, whether it's 2 or 60+!

  • Printer groups(available for everyone)
    • When you have more than 1 printer, you can now make printer groups for a better overview
  • Multiprint (Advanced & Enterprise plans)
    • Start the same print on multiple printers at the same time
  • Multi cancel, pause & resume (Advanced & Enterprise plans)
    • Cancel, pause or unpause all ongoing prints (on all printers, or per group)
  • Clear multiple beds (Advanced & Enterprise plans)
    • If you have multiple finished prints, you can now mark all beds as "cleared" at once, and start the next print queue item for each printer, if the finished print was queued
  • Start print queue item on multiple printers (Advanced & Enterprise plans)

Hope you like the new features! As always, let us know if there are any bugs 🙂

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