Big GCODE analysis update!

Albert Møller Nielsen
01/07 2021
2 min. read

As some of you might already have felt when uploading GCODE files the past few days; a completely revamped GCODE analyzer has hit SimplyPrint!

What does this mean?

  • 100x faster analysis (not kidding - actually 100 times faster than before!)
  • Analyze files of any size without having to be scared it might crash your browser
  • More details about your file;
    • We now know what temperatures the print is, so we can check that it's all good for your printer's max. temperatures (set in the printer settings, defaulted to the manufacturer's recommendations)
      • This also means we (in most cases) can change the temperature of an already-sliced file! So, say you have sliced an item for PLA but want to print it in ABS as well, but the slicer settings were all good; just select the file, and SimplyPrint will ask if you wish to change the temperatures to that of the currently-selected filament!
    • Malicious GCODE check; we have identified a list of GCODE commands that your GCODE file should probably not include, and warn you about them before you print. Just like before, you can always ignore our analysis and print anyways - let us know if you think we've got some wrong GCODE commands on the "no-no-list", or if we should add more!
    • (Nerdy;) We check for absolute/relative position issues; if the slicer hasn't inserted whether the movement and / or extrusion is absolute or relative, we figure out which one it is, and make sure your printer knows
    • We also save which slicer was used for specific files, so you can always click a file, and know what sliced it. This is visible when selecting a file through the "Start print" window, or in the dedicated "Files" tab (the whole file-system has gotten some small updates over the last weeks - have you noticed? More on that later!)

(the analysis update will be live in the app within the next couple of days)

Hope you enjoy SimplyPrint! As always, let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or issues! 🙂

- the SimplyPrint team

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