Printer control panel; new default view & more

Albert Møller Nielsen
25/03 2021
2 min. read

Hi guys! We've made some changes over the last couple of days that we wanna share;

  • Quite a big change for those of you who "just" have 1 printer; when you load the SimplyPrint web panel, the control panel of the printer is now the default view (before you had to click the printer to enter the control panel). We asked you guys what you thought of this idea, and it was clear we had to implement it! 🙂

    If you don't like this update, there's a setting for it right here.

    (this update is coming to our mobile app in a few days)
  • Added "Flow rate" in the printer control panel, below the "Print speed" input; so now you can control the flow rate directly via SimplyPrint!
  • For our Advanced and Enterprise users, you can now see the items in queue for your printer in its control panel, as well as access the print queue without having to go back to the overview
  • Much better responsiveness on the printers page; both for the overview and control panel (try and resize your browser, go on mobile or tablet! Should be much better now). The camera view has been moved up on mobile, so it should always be visible as one of the first things
  • If you've gotten an error / not been able to add your credit card on the website to pay for our subscription plans, you can now try again! We recently switched provider to someone that accept a greater variety of credit cards from multiple countries. Option to pay with PayPal is coming soon as well.

Let us know if something isn't working and if you like the changes 🙂 Looking forward to bringing you guys more updates soon!

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