Filament system update! + bugfixes

Albert Møller Nielsen
11/11 2021
3 min. read

Hey SimplyPrinters! We have another update for you; brand new filament page + spool add tool! So if you haven't tried our filament system yet; now is the time! It's now easier than ever, let's dive in to the changes!

  • New filament page
    The filament panel tab was one of the oldest part of the platform, and was in need of a rework - a rework that is now live! This includes;
    • Better sorting
    • Search bar to search for filament
    • Sort by brand & type
    • Recycle bin for all the as-good-as-empty spools
  • New spool add flow / creator
    We have completely reworked the "Add filament" flow! Changes include;
    • You can now select the brand from a dropdown
    • We have added over 300 spool presets! So if you select a brand, you might notice you'll be able to pick the spool & color as well; we can now auto fill all the details! - this is still only for a select few filaments, it takes ages to add it, we're trying to work with the different brands and have them send us their filament data - let us know if your favorite brand is missing, and send them an email saying they should contact us!
    • Specify the cost of the spool - this will allow us to very soon give you a price estimate on your prints!
    • 3 quick spool size presets (you can change the 3 sizes to your most used!)
    • A few new colors added in the default color list
  • New filament settings
    • Standard currency setting
    • Default filament width/thickness setting
    • "Trash threshold"; when a spool should end up in the bin
    • Spool weight presets
    • Not really a setting, but overview over all the filament brands we've added, and all their spools
  • General bugfixes
    • Fixed a few UI-related bugs in Safari (logo on new frontpage, images in file selector & printers in multiprint)
    • Fixed print job page bug (resulting in it not loading)
    • Fixed a few performance issue bugs that resulted in a few minutes of downtime on October 20 (
    • Fixed some minor dark mode issues
    • Slicer
      • Fixed nozzle diameter setting not working (defaulted to 0.4 at all times)
      • Fixed support not being generated in some cases

The filament updates have been implemented in the app, and we're just awaiting its release - should be out within 2 days.

Coming soon;

  • New "change filament" flow (complete rework)
  • A lot of exciting stuff with QR codes, NFC & barcodes in our app 😉
  • Print price calculator
  • And a much more!

As always, let us know if you find any bugs or have suggestions!
- The SimplyPrint team

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