Dark mode, new app & new front-page

Albert Møller Nielsen
22/10 2021
1 min. read

Hey SimplyPrinters! Your prayers have been heard - dark mode is here, just in time for Halloween! 😉

What's new?

  • Dark mode! (you can toggle dark/light mode by clicking the sun/moon in the top-bar)
  • A completely new app! We realise the previous version of our app had a lot of issues - so we built a new one from scratch, fixing a lot of fundamental issues - it now looks better, and works better
  • A new front-page, better showcasing the platform, as well as print farms and schools sections, showcasing our solutions for enterprise

So, if you haven't tried the app yet, or had issues with the old app? Try the updated version! (the new app is just an update of the old, so if you have the app already, just make sure it's up to date)

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