It's been a while - update from the team

Albert Møller Nielsen
11/08 2022
4 min. read

Hello SimplyPrinters!

It's been a while since we posted an update on the development (too long), so we figured it was due time to let you guys know what's going on!

Our silence doesn't mean the development has stalled - quite the opposite, actually!

What's coming?
We've been hard at work for months to make some rather big changes to SimplyPrint, and while we don't wanna spoil everything just yet, here are a few of the things you can expect within the coming months, as well as what's been happening to us as a company;

  • We have completely rewritten the entire platform - going out of Beta
    Now, this is the primary reason this thing is taking a bit long - we pretty much started from scratch with a new platform... This is a choice we made for boring technical reasons, that stem from the fact that you guys have just given us so much awesome feedback since our launch and closed alpha, that the platform you're using today is quite different from what was originally intended (but very much for the better!). So, the foundation isn't quite made for all the stuff that is now in the pipeline, so a rewrite of the platform ensures faster future development, so prepare for features to be spat out more often!
  • Our team has grown
    We now have more programmers on the team, to help speed up the development!
  • New (rewritten) app is coming!
    We know our old app hasn't been bug-free... So, there's of course coming a new version along with the new platform!
  • (Some of the) changes & new features;
    • Proper multi extruder support
    • Official Klipper support! Using Mainsail, Fluidd or just Moonraker
    • "Farm mode" for Print Queue on multi-"Ready all" (more on this later)
    • User-accessible API for automation (sky's the limit; automatically start a print when you get an order in your webshop? Done!)
    • Much faster printer updates (before, we received updates every ~2 seconds from your printer; now it's pretty much instant). This also means much faster starting of prints, as the printer picks it up right away, and you can follow the download process live
    • Much faster livestream! (still testing, but hopefully 6x faster than the 1FPS from before!)
    • Fullscreen livestream
    • Thumbnail images for GCODE files
    • Updated UI & up to 500x increase in load time
    • More reliable job updates, even if your printer/Pi is offline (without internet) when the print finishes; it's still picked up
    • Completely new Bed Leveling helper
    • Completely new (and much better) Filament Change helper
    • "Compact" and "List" printer view (for multiple printers); see up to 3x the amount of printers you could see before
    • Revamped setup guide 
    • Revamped GCODE analysis; we can now catch more errors in your GCODE files, and prevent a bunch of nasty errors!
    • New control panel layout
    • Assign printer groups & printer models to print queue jobs
    • (For Enterprise;) more user settings & permissions. Reserve printers, limit users to specific printers, limit when they can use the printers & more.
    • Printer "Out of order" mode
    • Easier assigning of filament
    • Live Pi health updates (CPU usage, memory usage, temperature)
    • Revamped "Statistics" page
    • Revamped "Print jobs" page
    • Preheat and cooldown multiple printers at the same time (by printer group, or all printers)
    • A gazillion bugfixes (almost, probably)

And that's just some of it.

We promise it'll all be worth the wait! Much of what is mentioned here is inspired by you and your suggestions, so once again; a million thanks for that, and keep the feedback coming!

More info coming soon, and you'll be enjoying all the new development very soon! Thanks for your continued support! It means the world to a small startup like ours.

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