File manager update; upload more & bigger files!

Albert Møller Nielsen
15/07 2021
1 min. read

Hey guys! Little update to the file manager that just went live;

  • You can now upload GCODE files that are up to 500 MB! (Previous limit was 100 MB via the file manager)
  • Upload more files; upload as many files as you want at the same time, and see the progress for them individually
  • Automatic GCODE analysis when a GCODE file is uploaded! So you instantly get all the awesome info about your GCODE file, and so you don't have to wait for the analysis when you want to print the file
  • Start prints from the "Files" page! This one isn't super new, but it was never properly announced; you can now start prints directly from the "Files" page, as well as seeing GCODE previews of your GCODE files

More updates coming to the file manager later - hope you like the changes!

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