Print queue, file names & filament

Albert Møller Nielsen
17/01 2021
2 min. read

(the video is only in danish, as we don't officially support other countries yet)

January 17, update

Hey SimplyPrint's! We hope you have had a good start to the new year 🙂 We have 2 small changes, and a bigger new feature for you! You can either watch the video, which explains it all in just 3 minutes, or read on here.

  • Filename on printer overview
    • Below the image of your printer, you can now see the name of the file that is printing! Soon you will be able to click on the file name, and then a view of what the model should look like will appear (like "Preview" from your slicer)
  • Filament on the control panel
    • When you click on a printer (ie going into its control panel), there is now a small "filament" section under the print buttons, which shows the color, material and how much is left - if a roll is attached to the system.
  • New big feature; print queue! (for "Advanced" users)
    • We are very much looking forward to releasing this feature! Print queue is probably mostly for you with several printers, you as a printer for others, and / or print farms, schools, etc., but we hope even you with a single or two printers can find use in it!
      It works by adding an item to the queue, setting how many times it needs to be printed, and then SimplyPrint keeps track of it for you. There is a quick "print queue" button that you can click on so you can easily start printing on a printer. If you have 10 things you want to print, you can slice it all at once, and then put it all in a queue, and print it in the right order. The video explains it much better than we can on text, so watch it and try the feature out for yourself! We welcome feedback on this new feature (and everything else, of course)

Hope you like the changes & update!

- the SimplyPrint team

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