Merry Christmas from SimplyPrint

Albert Møller Nielsen
22/12 2020
3 min. read

It's been a long time since we last made such an update, so here's an overview of what's happened in the last few months and what's going to happen at the start of the new year!

New features;

  • Printer livestream - anywhere
    • A few weeks ago, our new livestreaming system was released, so you (depending on your subscription) can see one picture up to once a second when you are not at home at your printer!
  • Print troubleshooting
    • Our "3D print troubleshooting" project went live the other day, and has been received super well! There are so far 18 articles on how to solve various print problems and it is only going to grow
  • "Just because a print 'finished-finished' does not mean it turned out well"
    • The other day an update came out, which makes it possible to choose whether your finished print was finished or whether it is a failed pile of plastic on the plate. If printed well, you can even give it a small rating of 1-4! When you stop a print, you are given the option to choose whether the print failed or whether you just regretted the print. Now you get a much better overview of how things are actually going for you and your prints under the "Print jobs" and "Statistics" pages!
  • A lot of improvements to our slicer!
    • The "Smart-rotate" feature has been well received; no more wrongly placed objects, and no more manual rotating!
  • Printerfejl detection
    • SimplyPrint now detects if a printout was stopped due to a printer error, tells you about it, and gives you tips on what the reason could be

Coming features;

  • SimplyPrint app for your phone!
    • Our app is currently in the process of being alpha-tested, and is ready to be released early in the new year!
  • Smarthome integrations
    • Integrations between 3D printer and; smartlights, Google Assistant, Alexa and more!
      We are in full swing with this feature and we expect to open up access in early January
  • Automatic timelapse
    • Timelapses directly through SimplyPrint
  • Smart price calculation
    • Get accurate price calculation on your prints; how much has it cost you? And if it's a print for a customer; how much do you need to bill them? Generate the invoice directly through SimplyPrint
  • Print queue
  • Multislice & multiprint
  • and much more!

We're very exited for the coming year, and super grateful for all your support in 2020!

Happy holidays, from the SimplyPrint team

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