Mesh Bed Leveling update

Albert Møller Nielsen
29/08 2020
1 min. read

Good news to those of you with BL-Touch and other probing tools; you can now start bed leveling directly from SimplyPrint and get the bed mesh data shwon in a graph, right here in the panel!

All you have to do to enable this is;

  • If there's an update available for your printer, update it!
  • Click the settings icon in the right corner of your printer
  • Click "Edit printer"
  • Enable "Has probing tool?"
  • Choose your printer's firmware
  • Save!

Now, when you enter Bed Leveling for your printer ("settings icon> Bed leveling" or click on the printer, click the turquoise "Bed Leveling" icon), you can now start Mesh Bed Leveling, and still use the good old SimplyPrint bed leveling tool.

With this, we also introduce the new "News" system!

From now on, every time a bigger update is released for SimplyPrint, it will pop up when you log in! To find old news, you can always click the newspaper-icon in the top right corner of the SimplyPrint panel.

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