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User information

SimplyPrint ApS collects general user information such as; Name, Surname, Email address, postcode and address, telephone number (if given) and password for the user's SimplyPirnt user profile (passwords are encrypted with a strong one-way hashing algorithm)

All information is stored on a secure server which is only accessible by SimplyPrint employees.

This information is stored due to requirements from the payment redemption agreement with Clearhaus, as payments are made through SimplyPrint.

No user information is passed on or sold to third parties.

User data

SimplyPrint ApS collects some information from the user's network such as; IP addresses (both local and public) This involves location information in the form of country and city the user's devices are located in.

IP addresses are stored for the user's security and for internal statistics and offer the opportunity to improve the user experience using SimplyPrint's systems.

IP addresses will not be shared or sold to third parties.


SimplyPrint ApS continuously collects data from the printers that are connected to the system such as; Firmware information, bed and hotend temperature and current stage of the printer (printing, stopped, etc.).

This information is collected for use in the system and leads to improvement of the user experience as well as for user service in case of errors. (This information is not shared or sold to third parties.)

Raspberry Pi’s

SimplyPrint ApS collects important information from the user's connected devices (Raspberry pi’s) this includes; Network name, IP address (both local and public), hostname, OctoPrint API key, programming language versions (python) and camera information is connected to the Raspberry Pi, hereinafter referred to as "the device".

The device's local IP is used for direct communication between the user and the device if the user is on the same network. OctoPrint API key is used by our server to communicate with OctoPrint's API, which is necessary for the system to work. The OctoPrint API keys is stored safely.

Network name, hostname, and whether or not the device has a camera are used solely to enhance the user experience.

Request for files

The SimplyPrint system can retrieve logs from devices for troubleshooting assistance in case the user seeks help as well as for internal use.

These files contain no person sensitive information. Logs contain only information such as; Date and time, status of communication between device and SimplyPrint's server as well as status of communication between SimplyPrint software and OctoPrint, and serial communication between device and printer.


With the user's permission, a camera can be connected to the device which can be used to request images from the device for private use or if the user is on the same network as the device get video streamed directly from the device to the user.

Images are temporarily stored on SimplyPrint's server where it can only be viewed by the user. These images are stored securely and deleted automatically after 1 to 7 days. The direct stream is made only over the user's own network and is not saved in any way.

The camera feature is used solely to enhance the user experience as well as the ability to share photos with SimplyPrint customer service to enhance service.


Files can be uploaded to SimplyPrint's server in the form of; .STL, .OBJ and .Gcode files for later use by the user, stored in a "cloud folder" where the user can access the files on all devices with the correct login. These files are securely stored on SimplyPrint's server (all files uploaded retain all respective rights)

Files uploaded directly from the user's computer (or other device) to a printer will be transferred through SimplyPrint's server and stored for up to 30 days. These files are stored securely and contain no personal data (all files uploaded retain all respective rights)


SimplyPrint ApS collects data on all prints made on printers connected to the system. The statistics are used to improve the user's insight into the user's own printing behavior as well as internal statistics in SimplyPrint ApS.

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